Learn the difference between a real and fake security camera, and you will know what type of dummy camera should be avoided and whether a real or fake security camera will be suitable for you. So how can you find out if the security camera is real or fake just by seeing it?

Seven things below can be a great indicator.

1.LED lights

LED lights can be a dead gift. Adah knows that a real security camera with night vision, which is the mainstream today, will have red LED lights when ambient light is terrible. So your dummy security camera will be apparent if they don’t blink in total darkness.

What about the Dummy security camera that blinks with fake LED lights in it?

It won’t work, especially for experienced thieves. That’s because most of the bait cameras with lights are powered by batteries without controllers or something the same, and they will only flash all the time, even during the day when the real LED is supposed to die. So they will not give a recording appearance but tell the intruders that the camera is fake.

And the LED is not too bright and clear. If you have used a real security camera, you will quickly see the difference between real and fake security cameras. In my opinion, it’s better to turn off the light than to send a clear signal that the camera is fake. But there is still a way to determine whether CCTV cameras are active or not, even if they don’t have light.

2.Security Camera Covers.

Many cheap replica cameras look fake. The difference between real and false security cameras is mostly reflected by the material used. Usually, a fake security camera is made of cheap plastic, not a waterproof aluminum cover.

People in business like smart criminals or us will know in a fake security camera place, especially when placed in areas that are easily accessible, such as the front door.

3.Installation place

It is not a positive difference between real and false security cameras; the place of installation does say something about whether a real or fake IP camera. The weather will not vary for outdoor cameras, and thus, it can act as a useful tester.

Fake security cameras with fragile plastic housing can never fight the wind that floated and heavy rain. Some of them may have a prominent cover, but it is not enough to protect them from the weather. Fake cables exposed outside can be easily damaged, for example.

And because of that, put them in a protected area, such as under the roof or ceiling, if you want them to act effectively and permanently. Instead, a real security camera, especially the rated IP66 & IP65, can be placed anywhere outdoors without fear of the weather.

So the camera is placed outdoors to deal with natural elements that may be real.


The wire is not a useful indicator of such a fake security camera. More IP Dummy cameras today have fake cables visible, making the difference between real and false security cameras far more confusing. But remember, the bullet camera that missed this little detail was false. (Real Dome Security Camera and wire-free camera do not have a cable before the eyes.)

5.Camera type.

Another way to distinguish between real and false security cameras is to learn some general fake security camera models. If you type “fake security cameras” in the search bar on Google or Amazon, you will find that all the results are bullet cameras or dome cameras.

Both models are easy to imitate without violating any property rights. On the contrary, most wire-free cameras have different designs and are more difficult to replicate in terms of making.


How can you know whether a fake security camera, in a way that you can be sure? The brand name is the easiest and most accurate way to see a fake security camera if it can be identified. Take only one minute to find a brand online; you will know whether the security camera is real or fake at once.

You might see some security cameras do not carry brand names on their cover. It is most likely a fake camera and wants to hide the exact difference between a real and fake security camera.

7.Movement Tracking

Some fake security cameras even have default motion sensors and will rotate to track movements. They don’t properly track the movement but keep going back and forth so that the jelly criminal might realize that this unit is fake.

And a dedicated motion-sensing camera will never turn when someone runs. They only record all events without making actual physical movements. Just think, motion tracking will require a lot of technology and costs. Even real cam can’t do it, for now, especially the dummy.

It was a big difference between real and fake security cameras. Real security camera vs. dummy, what’s the best choice. The most significant difference between fake and real security cameras is their function and purpose.


Fake security cameras are beneficial to frighten the crime. But they will be useless for the specified and dedicated criminals. You will know the difference between a real and false security camera when the danger occurs.



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