Unless you have a serious “alone” style skill and a lot of time in your hands, a hidden security camera is the best way to catch thieves and stop the crime. Fortunately, the 21st century has our back; the house owner and tenants can put cam nests hidden in their homes to prevent thieves from going with their belongings and not facing criminal charges. Nest CAMS is an indoor security camera that is activated Wi-Fi that lets you watch video feeds directly from your smartphone and remind you if something is wrong.

Cam’s nest has a small and not flashy design, but it’s still a good idea to stay hidden so the thief cannot deactivate it. Guests at home You can also be a little confused by the alert camera eyes, so keep your nest lock low is the best way to maintain your property security and your dinner party conversation flows. (Make sure you know your country’s special law about hidden cameras.) Here are some of our favourite ways to make sure your nest is still not visible.

  • Artificial factory

You don’t need to ask your neighbours to come and check your home or your pot life status when you leave if you hide your nest cam in one of these bad boys. The addict gadget shows you how you can make yourself add fascinating sparks from leaves without treatment to your room while also watching unwanted intruders.

  • Doll toys.

The 12th century Trojan horse. Hide your nest cam in a plush toy is a modern way – and the cuter – to disguise your security camera. You can easily create your doll animal camera, but make sure it lives on the shelf or somewhere it can’t be captured and thrown by your little one.

  • A box of tissues

Intruders will be allowed to require one or two tissues after being caught on camera breaking the law. You can buy a tissue box designed to hold the GoPro, which we believe can easily be changed to fit your nest cam or make your own by placing the camera in a blank tissue box and making the right hole. Don’t forget to add a tissue that comes out of the top for maximum inability.

  • Light switch plate

It’s easy to use a blank double switch plate to secure and hide your nest cam right on the wall. It’s much more exciting and discrete than letting it sit in the open.

  • Bookshelf

Usually, thieves don’t stop mimicking your book collection, so hiding your nest between the same coloured books and chaos is a great way to hide it. Place your camera on your bookshelf, you don’t often touch, like the Twilight series rack that is now regrettable.

  • An urn.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to be full of actual ash to make the thief unaware of your nest. Stylish vases posing because the deceased’s remnants can give you an increase in the safety and extra encouragement of the retro-classic style of your living room needs. No one wants to mess up what might be your great grandmother’s ashes. That is said, you can install your camera at the top of the vase between artificial flowers for brighter and less terrible security measures.

But you decide to hide your security camera, make sure it’s hidden somewhere with a clear display, and it’s tilted to get the best shot. Also, make sure you realize the cable to your nest cam – position it in a place with several lines (as on the TV stand), making it more unlikely for intruders to see them caught on film. You can also paint your cable to update it better or even hide it behind your pole.


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