Whether you are building new facilities, pre-existing vampires, arranging tournaments, or just having fun, getting the size of the right size soccer is quite essential. That’s why we have made the Pamungkas Guide for:

  1. Dimensions of football goals
  2. Football destination material
  3. FIFA, NCAA, NFHS, and the US

1. Football target dimensions

The aim of football (football target) is located in the centre of each opponent’s goal from the soccer field and is the limit to score points (goals) in the football game. The purpose of being built from wood, metal, or other approved materials is painted white and usually closed with a net to catch the ball after a goal.

The aim was made of two vertical goalposts at 12 ‘(3.66 m) from the centre (total of 24’ | 7.32 m) and connected with a high horizontal 8 ‘(2.44 m) tall.

The soccer game consists of two parts, 45 minutes with a break down part-time 15 minutes. Additional termination time is usually added to the end every half at the referee’s discretion to redeem the lost time due to the late game. Suppose the game cannot end with a tie (generally during the elimination tournament). In that case, two extra 15-minute overtime periods are added to the game with the possibility of the final penalty kick if the game is still bound. The soccer game usually lasts about two hours.

2.Football destination material

There are several types of materials that football targets can make. Each material varies depending on the compatibility rules, the kind of game, display, and price. Let’s sing.


The purpose of aluminium football is currently a high-quality football destination in the market. This material makes a long-lasting, lightweight, and lean ideal that can withstand repetitive impacts and test of time. Finished coated powder that you see on aluminium’s purpose protects the frame from the sun, rust, and other weather conditions.

Aluminium’s goal is the quality of playing matches and must be used in stadiums and in the field where the game will take place. Even though aluminium goals can be moved easily with wheel attachments, they cannot be broken down and must function for more permanent in-game and training facilities.

Because of the long life, high quality, durability, and reliability of aluminium, football goals usually have the highest price point. In Crossbar, all our plans are aluminium because we believe in high-quality products. This means our price point is equipped with fantastic play guarantees over the years to come.


The purpose of plastic football is an excellent alternative to aluminium soccer purposes if you are less worried about durability and longevity and more worried about portability. Plastic football goals are also lightweight and cheaper. But keep in mind, even though you can save money to buy plastic football goals now, they will not survive during aluminium football goals, and you will return to the market before you know it.

General use of plastic football goals is training sessions, backyard games, or travel games. Many of these types of plans can be broken down, folded, and transported in a bag.

3. FIFA, NCAA, NFHS, and US Youth Football Regulations

Each soccer organization has a set of rules and regulations itself that each team must obey. It’s similar throughout the board for football purposes, but we still put the rules for you quickly references below.

FIFA: FIFA is an international government agency Football Association, Fútsal, Beach Football, and Efoot’s football. This is the highest soccer management body. The FIFA law includes international organizations, MLS, NWSL, USL, WPSL, and US football. Every year FIFA results in in-game document laws that contain official rules and first match rules. 

NCAA: NCAA serves as a General Administration Legislative Authority and the Organization for Athletics between men and women. The college football league includes the NCAA team in DII and DIII. 

NFHS: NFHS is a national leader and advocate for high school athletics. Every year NFHS released a rule book containing official rules and first match rules. Playing high school is different from other games because often, goals have multi-purpose goals. 

The football target size guide at the top of this article is based on US football target regulation and must be referred to. However, it is recommended that the size of the goal be fulfilled, for young players, as Soccer has stated that the size of the target of football can vary as long as it is safe and beneficial for the players.


How are soccer goals measured?

Whether you are building new facilities, pre-existing vampires, arranging tournaments, or just having fun, getting the size of the right size soccer is quite essential. That’s why we have made the Pamungkas Guide for: Dimensions of football goals Football destination material FIFA, NCAA, NFHS, and…

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