Can a Tenant Install a Security Camera Outside?

Because I am a fan of a large and happy security system to find out about the latest technology, it only makes sense to have Google Alert for anything related to CCTV like a battery-powered WiFi camera. That’s how I found an article that talked about whether the security system was legal in a rental apartment. But the article did not give me an answer to one interesting question – can tenants install a security camera?

Now, as far as I see, camera supervision in the public area, such as a hallway, entrance, and laundry room is a fair game. Many landlords do it to ensure their rent, and their occupants, safe.

However, for seems reasonable for them to ask permission. If it involves drilling something, which can cause property damage, of course, the owner must approve it.

Well, it all depends on many factors. However, given that family members are looking at this because of recent theft in his environment, I have to help him do research. Here are all the details I found that must give you a definite answer and maybe even help you pick the courage to talk to your landlord!

Do you even need a security camera?

Over the years, I have invested a lot of money to get the supervision system I can count on. That requires the purchase of many security cameras, some of which are a total waste of money.

So before you start shopping for a security camera to install it outside or in your rent, consider if you need it. Of course, we all want to feel safe when at home and are not worried about intruders who sneak into our bedroom and steal our belongings. But maybe a security camera is too drastic – maybe Deadbolts and hinges must be the first step?

Of course, you might have to ask permission for this, but I am sure the owner will prefer Deadbolts for a wired security system. After all, after you move, you might not have to replace the door at all – leave the key behind.

In the case of a wired security camera, you will not find anyone who wants to sell it to the tenant. Also, as I said, all drilling can be charged in the end; You have to return the place to its original condition.

Get a security camera in a terrible state.

Unfortunately, some tenants already have deadbolts and all the keys they can buy, but still don’t feel safe. It often comes to various reasons; some of them look a little trivial but still scary.

For some tenants, their landlord is the real problem. They sometimes forget that by renting that place, they have agreed to fair trade. Tenants pay rent on time, and the owner gives them a place to live.

So, while the people are renting the place, the landlord did not have the right to stop by and whenever it was fun or using their keys to let others enter.

Another problem that can ask you to look into security cameras is inadequate security measures and the apartment or home building’s overall state. Old windows and balconies that are easily accessible are weak points that intruders can consider and use it. Next, if you live with a roommate and your things keep disappearing, you might want to know who takes it. Installing the camera will give you all the answers!

Who can install a security camera and where?

In essence, the list of reasons you might feel insecure about your rent can be endless. Unfortunately, you might not be able to solve problems shortly, because there is a possibility that you cannot install a security camera. Let’s see all the legality, will we?

  1. Landlord

If you are an owner, install a security camera outside of occupancy (public area) for protection purposes is possible. As long as the camera will not attack anyone’s privacy, and there is no evil intention behind the decision, the public area is a very good choice for these security measures. Install the camera in the rent, of course, illegal.

However, many (the worst) landlords can abuse their rights. They may install the camera so they can see what their tenants do or who they see. The security camera is not legal because it can be considered abuse and privacy invasion.

  1. Tenant

On the other hand, if you rent a place, different rules apply to you.

When it comes to the inside of the rent, you must ask for written permission. Install a security camera or alarm system without getting a landlord to approve it can get you responsible for property damage. Thus, they can refuse to return your guarantee, no matter how broad the damage is.

So, if I become you, I will stay away from a cable camera. Instead, your landlord pitch is the idea to install a WiFi one. Such a camera does not require you to drill anything so that the rent will remain intact. But even in that case, I will not do it without asking permission.


Finally, if you don’t live alone but share your home with a roommate, it’s a good idea to ask if they will object to a security camera. Just because you have worked extra to get permission from your owner does not mean other people want to give up their privacy.

The inside of the apartment or home is still an area where people have reasonable privacy expectations. Thus, doing something that will disturb it is illegal and can make you in legal hot water.


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